Bathroom Design Ideas For Creating A Bathroom With A Modern Theme

Bathrooms today are more than just the room in the home where you go to have a bath, brush your teeth or use the toilet. It is also that place of retreat where you can relax and get away from all the stresses that came with your day. Hence you’ll find that the bathrooms of today are being designed with shower stalls having four or five heads, towel warmers, a place for the TV and magazines and soap dispensers for a more luxurious feel.

The modern design incorporates the use of stainless steel, mirrors, space, neutral tones, black and white and straight lines to achieve a great feeling of peace and comfort. Using a design of this nature will definitely make you feel like you’re visiting the spa or a place of tranquillity ever time you choose to visit. Here are some great bathroom design ideas to help you to achieve decor in your bathroom.

Aim for simplicity – The main theme surrounding modern bathrooms is simplicity, this is done to make the space look spacious and simple and yet elegant. To do this, you want to use as few colours as possible and use colours that are soft and soothing. Most persons tend to go for neutral tones while involving a little black and white. Lines can also be incorporated, but keep it simple. You want to keep your surfaces smooth, and stay away from intricate designs or any clutter.

Invest in Fixtures – Fixtures play a key role in the design of modern bathrooms, they are used to highlight straight lines and the theme of simplicity. Hence consider faucets that have a geometrical and smooth look. You can have sinks and vanities that are mounted on the wall and with modern one piece toilets. The most popular materials for these bathrooms are glass, ceramic or stainless steel. You should try to have as little hardware as possible and use solid cabinet doors.

Luxurious Flooring – For your flooring you may want to consider heated tiles for a greater comfort. If this is not possible use large tiles which will help to make the bathroom look spacious. Engineered hardwood and travertine marble are great options to consider. For your bathroom rugs use plush wool rugs instead of the regular ones.

Functional Lighting – Incorporate the use of dimmers for a softening effect during those long and relaxing bubble baths. Have incandescent lights for your vanity and skylights to give you that natural appeal. Being natural is very important in this design, so try to minimize the use of window treatments to allow more of the natural light to emanate throughout the bathroom.

In keeping with the modern decor, use lush organic towels and include some bath salts and candles to assist in having a nice bath. Other things to consider are a heated towel rack, soap dispenser, and fog-free mirrors for your convenience. Things like a wall mounted magnifying glass, mirrored tiles and floor length mirror are items that you can involve to enhance the modern theme of your bathroom. You should also consider multiple shower heads and glass showers. Go ahead and design you bathroom with a modern theme using these great bathroom renovation ideas.

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