Home Loans That Pay – A New Concept For Mortgage Loan and Refinance Seekers

Everyone is familiar with the ability to apply for mortgage loan on-line. This is not new. What is new is a home loan that pays! This is a new concept that consumers are sure to embrace.

Imagine going to a website, applying for a first-time buyer home or a refinance loan, and if it is approved and closed, getting paid. An innovative idea has been developed, where a company links consumers with premier national mortgage lenders to help the consumers secure the best loan to fit their needs for home purchase, refinancing, construction, FHA, VA or even commercial loan.

The system takes the profits, that normally go to the mortgage companies and pays them to the consumer within 30 days after the loan is approved and placed with a mortgage banker.

Here is how the system works. The consumer visits the company website, chooses to begin the process, then fills out a simple form on-line, indicating they are acting as an Individual Affiliate, actually referring their own loan lead to the company. On the form they indicate that they wish to have a mortgage professional contact them. The consumer will be contacted by a mortgage professional and the loan process begins. If the loan is approved, the consumer is paid as a lead generator (for referring their own lead) within 30 days after the loan is closed and placed with a mortgage bank.

Additionally, this system, being paid for referrals, will work for a person, who is currently not in the market for a home loan but refers others to the company website and this new system.

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