Remodeling Ideas for Split-Level Houses

In the 1970s, split-level homes were the grooviest pads on the block. By the mid-70s, 12{b7ad85a4b69bcdc6d2a1761d785d8b301857dc9ffea60b5a6c87077e9295409b} of new homes in the United States were split-levels (21{b7ad85a4b69bcdc6d2a1761d785d8b301857dc9ffea60b5a6c87077e9295409b} in the Midwest), but today, they make up less than 1{b7ad85a4b69bcdc6d2a1761d785d8b301857dc9ffea60b5a6c87077e9295409b} of new homes. Their heyday has passed. Split-levels are not only unpopular, they’re […]