Mosaic Glass Tile: Interior Designers Thrilled With New Tile Applications

Today’s interior designers in NYC have turned the spotlight onto bathrooms with exciting new approaches to fixtures, furniture, light, and surface treatments. One of the most exciting innovations in bathrooms floor and wall can be found in Mosaic Glass Tile. Unlike ceramic and stone tile, glass has a translucent and totally contemporary look that cannot be duplicated.

Glass Mosaic Tiles are available in an exciting array of styles and almost limitless color choices. Let’s take a look at eight contemporary designs.

  • True Glass was inspired by 17thcentury glass making techniques which trapped tiny bubbles under the surface which creates a delicate and elusive effect. True glass is available in many colors including soft pastels, whites, grays, and earth tones. Look for manufacturers who use recycled glass and offer matching moldings and trims.
  • Zumi Glass has a fresh, cutting edge look that redefines small spaces. It’s produced through molten folding fabrication. Skilled artisans literally fold the melted glass which then combines colors. The glass is poured into molds and hand snapped.
  • Luna Glass adds sophistication and subtlety to bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes. Luna Glass mosaic tiles are available in dozens of colors and several sizes. The slightly muted and cloud like surface is bright and calming.
  • Water and Sky Glass Tiles mimic the shimmering surface of lakes and rivers and the ever moving canvas of the sky. These textured mosaics are made in the colors we see in the seascapes, sunrises, and sunsets; blues, greens, lavender, and pink.
  • Geometric Shaped Mosaic Tiles offer variety in color, shape and patterns. Penny Rounds and Ovals take the edges off the traditional square tiles. Mixtures of dark and light colors add energy and interest to bathroom walls and floors. Rectangular glass tiles can be either neatly stacked or alternated like a sturdy brick wall.
  • Sunshine Glass Mosaic Tiles brighten almost any surface with primary and vivid colors. This fine flat gloss tile is a smart, economical choice for bathrooms, pools, and spas.
  • Stained Glass Tiles merge fine art with interior design. Thin stalks of are hand scored and snapped producing Tesserae which are sorted by shade and color. The effect is so stunning designers are taking the tile out of the bathroom and using it over the mantle or in the entrance way.
  • Katami Glass transforms simple surfaces into complex fields of color and texture. Tiles are hand scored and snapped then fitted together to make an almost seamless pattern.
  • Imaginations are now free to explore new dimensions of design with glass mosaics.
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