Home Organizing Ideas – Start With Your Closet

If you are feeling desperate to have a total makeover of your home and just want to arrange and reorganize them like those neatly organized, colorful home you see on magazines, but you don’t know where to start, you may want to start organizing your closet.


Indeed, you need quite a time to make your home organizing ideas to work, especially if you have been living in clutter for quite a while. However, you can choose to deal with it little by little. Divide the task according to your free time and you can start from the small things. Therefore, before you are overwhelmed by the big task of organizing your kitchen or the bathroom, you can start organizing your closet. Once it will give you the fulfillment of having a well-organized closet, you may want to go on and test your home organizing ideas to your kitchen or the bedroom.


Here are some tips that may help you in organizing your closet.


1. Remove everything from the closet. Before attempting to put your home organizing ideas to work, you may want to get everything out and sort them. Pick out those that you have not used for quite a while and those that do not fit you anymore. You may want to donate those at a local charity than keep them in your closet forever, or if you are creative enough to make a new look out of those old dresses, you can also save them but if not, you have to let go of them.


2. Think and create a picture of what you want for your closet. You may want to make use of your creativity as well in organizing the things in your closet. Color schemes are usually appealing when it comes to closet organizing. Put things together according to color, or create a pattern out of the things in your closet. You may also want to add more racks or rods in your closet to maximize space. Storage boxes are also a big help in creating more space.


3. Group things according to its use or purpose. You can put your work clothes in one group, separate them from the casual or your formal wear. You can also separate them by season. You may want to place those clothes that are still for the next season in upper shelves to give way to clothing that will be in use for the current season.


4. Keep your shoes on shoe racks and get rid of those shoe boxes that might be the firs ones you might see cluttered after a day of organizing your closet. You may want to put your favorite pairs in places very easy for you to see and get.


5. Keep small items in a drawer. You can allot one drawer for hankies and underwear, and a different one for socks. Make sure they are also neatly piled and folded. You can also put additional hooks for belts and caps. Make sure as well that you have space for bags. The same principle applies. Put your favorite items on some place that it can be readily accessed.


You might feel the need to do a little reconstruction or add more colors or shelves, make sure you are doing it within your budget. Reorganizing does not need to be costly. You can perfectly make it work for you with just the existing things you have. It might just need a little creativity and resourcefulness.


Make sure also that you only have one fixed idea on how to go about your closet. Having too many home organizing ideas may lead you however to a more cluttered closet.

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