Tips on Selecting the Best Faucet Water Filter That Will Purify Your Tap Water

Are you searching for the best faucet water filter for your home? It’s a smart idea as today’s public water sources are severely polluted with prescription drugs, weed killer, pesticides, lead, parasites, and literally thousands of other toxic chemicals. But what do you look for in a faucet filter?

Well, there’s a large variety of water faucet filter systems available. The prices and effectiveness of different filter technology vary greatly. Just buying the most expensive system will not give you the best results. In fact, some of the more costly purification systems are not the best faucet water filter you can buy but rather are the worst performing.

Water pitchers with filters are very popular because they are cheap to buy. But, the filters on these need to be replaced three to four times a month if you use the pitcher daily. So, in the long run, these will turn out to be more expensive than installing a permanent purification system on your water lines.

Pitchers with filters are very limited in their performance. They will remove some of the contaminants however; there are hundreds of chemicals that the filters will not remove effectively. Pitchers with filters are better than nothing but are not the best choice.

Filter systems that use distillation or reverse osmosis tend to be the most expensive to buy and the most difficult to maintain. These systems are not able to remove many kinds of chemicals that are commonly found in tap water.

Distillation and reverse osmosis systems also have a very bad side effect. When water passes through them, all of the healthy minerals are stripped out of the water. So, you’re left with flat tasting water that still has toxic contaminants in it. People that buy these systems have made the mistake of thinking that the most expensive system must be the most effective.

In addition to pollution, your faucet filter system needs to be able to remove chlorine that’s been added to public water. Not only will it make your water taste much better, it will be healthier. Although municipal facilities dump massive amounts of chlorine into public water to kill bacteria, it is a poison that is very hazardous to your health.

So, what do you look for in a purification system? The best faucet water filter system for your home will have an active carbon filter, a sub micron filter, and an ion exchange.

You can install these filters at different locations in your home. There are whole home filters that are installed on your main water lines. These will purify all the water in your home. There are also under the sink and shower head filters if you want to purify water on specific taps.

So, go ahead and checkout a multi stage carbon purifier today as they are the best faucet water filter system you’ll find.

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