Tips For Small Bathroom Remodeling

Are you cracking your brains over small bathroom remodeling? You are not alone. Many homeowners are faced wit the problem of having to change the look of a cramped bathroom. Here are some tips on how to make the most of small bath spaces.

Knock off a Wall

One of the most popular solutions is to simply knock off one side. This will allow you to expand in one direction and get more space. The problem though is that this solution is not cheap. Aside from spending a lot to reconstruct a new wall, you would also have to consider paying for extensive changes in plumbing and wiring.

Choose Small

You have other options if you cannot afford to push back your walls. One of them is to simply replace previously large fixtures and features with smaller ones. There are small bath tubs, sinks, toilets and cabinets that can be installed in place of old ones. You have to make sure though that the largest member of your family can comfortably use these smaller fixtures.

Hang Some Objects

Large, wooden storage cabinets can take a lot of space. Create more space by knocking down these cabinets instead of the walls. You can opt to install free floating cabinets or metal bar shelves. You can also hang small hampers on hooks on your wall. Aside from cabinets, you can also leave some other bathroom fixtures hanging. A baseless sink and a vanity with a hanging glass ledge are examples.

Choose the Right Paint

Small bathroom remodeling will not be complete without a new coat of paint. One technique is to avoid dark colors. Choose lighter ones and pair that with equally light colored tiles and fixtures. The light color will not just be soothing. It can also help create the impression that you really have more space. If you want to paint some designs, choose those that aren’t too large.

Use Light

Use artificial or natural light to create the impression of expansiveness. It is always great if you can simply cut out a large top window. If this puts you in danger of being seen from outside, you can use bright lighting instead. Have a dimmer installed so you can create softer light when your mood calls for it.

Strategically Install Mirrors

This is an age old technique that works well for small bathrooms. Wide mirrors in both walls can make bathroom users feel like there is an endless supply of space. Don’t overdo the mirror trick though. It can be quite disorienting looking through so many reflective surfaces.

Push Your Fixtures

Make sure that your fixtures are all hugging the walls. This is especially true for your toilet and bath tub. Set these fixtures very close to the walls so you have more free space at the center. As for your sink, you actually have more options here. You can pick corner sinks or corner wall sinks.

Small bathroom remodeling can actually be a lot of fun. The real key is to simply change viewer perspective and utilize every available space you have.

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