Springtime For Spanish Rings – Spanish Style Flower Pot and Plant Holders

Bring Your Garden Back to Life After Winter Time

If you listen carefully you can hear the sounds of Spring. The time when we can all get out into the garden, clear away the debris of winter and start thinking happy thoughts of warmer days and forget about the chill ice and snow that freeze our spirits. It is time to add a new zing to container gardening, brighten up your patio and make the most of the vertical space in the garden.

Spanish style flower pot holders are inspired by the narrow, winding alleyways of Southern Spain, festooned with blood red geraniums cascading down walls and hanging from balconies. Giving a real flavour of the Mediterranean. Spanish rings are a new idea in container gardening, they are a simple and easy way to transform a blank wall or an empty trellis or an ugly downpipe. These Spanish style plant holders take standard flower pots and containers from with a 5″/12.5cm diameter rim to rim up to 8″/20cm. Depending on the flare of the container they will sit either higher or lower in the supporting ring. An important thing is that the strong circular metal ring supports the container all the way around – so your heavy terracotta pot is not hanging from just one point which may crack and break.

Over the years people have asked for different designs to fit special places in the garden. They have been mixing various plants and flowers to create the most wonderful effects with evergreens and ferns mixing will trailing bedding plants and flowers to use the vertical space and really give the garden a whole new dimension.

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