Set The Right Mood In Your Garden With A Themed Patio Umbrella

The backyard is a small, exclusive space that can be recreated to make your own special private getaway. More and more people are finding that it is more relaxing and definitely cheaper to decorating ones own garden space than going out to a restaurant, mall or a park all the time. Most of these places are overcrowded and expensive. While teenagers and young kids do prefer hanging out in a mall to relaxing in their own backyard, the right setting can even get them to stay home on some days.

Those who have the privilege of living in houses with a backyard can consider some special and unique theme to recreate in their backyard. While it is probably middle aged and older folk who enjoy relaxing at home more, these days many couples with a young family find that having a comfortable backyard space can allow them to enjoy a more relaxing time than dragging screaming kids to an overcrowded mall. In fact those with a backyard big enough to accommodate a swimming pool and install an outdoor TV can even persuade their teenaged kids to entertain friends at home occasionally rather than going out all the time.

So, with this in mind, here are some themes that can be re-created in the backyard.

• Romantic

• Tropical island

• Jungle

• Beach

• Kids

A patio umbrella is integral to creating the right mood in your backyard. Just consider a romantic theme setting that you wish to create if you are a newly married couple. A patio umbrella with lights will create the perfect romantic setting on a beautiful starry night. Umbrella lights are designed in such a way as to provide the right lighting so that it can look romantic and be used when entertaining guests.

A sphere patio umbrella light nestles snugly in the folds of the umbrella so that it provides light while at the same time it does not get wet during rainy weather. Apart from a single sphere bulb, LED lights strung along the pole and canopy edges also look beautiful. The same theme can be followed by stringing lights along the edges of the patio so that the entire backyard is transformed into a fairyland. Now, a couple can get into the romantic mood by muting these lights. Install a loveseat near an arbor and you have the perfect setting for a cozy evening.

The same patio umbrella lights can create different moods for different seasons or festivals. While a romantic setting can have soft white or blue lights, a festival like St. Patrick’s Day can have green lights. An evening outdoor Christmas party can have Christmas patio lights in green and red – the favorite Christmas color scheme. Are you planning on throwing a Fourth of July party? Then get patio umbrella lights in red, white and blue to complement the holiday.

Patio umbrella lights even come with remote control to switch on and off the lights or increase / decrease the brightness depending on the mood you wish to create. Another popular theme is the tropical island theme and to help create this theme, you can get a lovely Tiki patio umbrella. A Tiki umbrella is made from wooden or synthetic thatch and is inspired by the beautiful Polynesian islands. This tropical island getaway theme can be recreated in a backyard by getting a Tiki patio umbrella sold by many reputed patio umbrella manufacturers.

First decide on whether you want a real or synthetic Tiki patio umbrella and get one, which has a minimum overhang of at least 4 feet. Once you have installed this, you can landscape the rest of your garden to create the tropical setting. Get some lovely potted tropical flowering plants like hibiscus to dot the edges of the patio. Get a couple of Tiki masks to hang around the patio. Choose rattan, bamboo or wicker furniture that will give the tropical feel. Wicker furniture also comes with similar bar cabinets, stools and planters that can be used.

If you have a Jacuzzi or hot tub, you can have a thatched changing room to further extend your Polynesian theme. Get Tiki torches to provide exotic lighting for an evening party and get crockery and glassware to match the theme by scouring second hand shops or garage sales. So, with simple accessories and a lot of imagination, you can recreate these and other types of themes in your backyard and set the mood for a time of relaxation and rejuvenation.

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