Remodeling Your Kitchen In The French Country Kitchen Design

You do not have to be in France to achieve a French look in your kitchen. This type of design comes from the south of France in Provence. It offers a simple, practical, and elegant style. There is fun and easy ways to transform your area into a beautiful European kitchen.

If you want to extensively change your whole kitchen, you should start with the colors. Favorite colors found in French country include Mediterranean blue, terra cotta red, warm yellow, and green. If you are going to keep the same wood work, adding a natural stain is also commonly found in this style. Adding a backsplash with the common colors noted above will help improve the look you are going for.

Roosters, sunflowers, leaves, and grapes are just some of the popular themes with French country. You can easily find a variety of decor for each style. Clocks with roosters, sunflower towels, and much more can be found over the internet or at your local décor stores. When it comes to accessories you will be able to find a lot that fits with the French country style.

You will commonly find wrought iron, baskets, potter, and paintings from many years ago. Flowers are also popular as they are found on antiques and furniture. It also would be a pretty addition to add real flowers in a vase and keep as a center piece on the table.

The furniture is also an important part of French Country Design. The items are usually left the way they are, for an older look. They can be light and airy, or bright and colorful. It is common to find the cabinets with designs painted on them such as flowers. You should consider adding a French Country style island. It is convenient and will add more flare to the room. They come in different designs so there is sure to be the perfect match with your kitchen.

At this point, it may be enough decorating for some people. For others they might want to do a full blown make-over. This may include switching you light fixture. A Rustic French chandelier will add more charm to the room. They come in different sizes and are easy to install.

This can be a fun project to do alone or with someone else. Remember to use earth tones and natural colors. Decorative prints and patterns, pottery with bright details, and unique accessories is all it takes to make your kitchen transformed.

When deciding which design you would like your kitchen to be, remember that the French Country style is warm and welcoming. It has beauty and elegance that anyone could appreciate. Every time you will be in your kitchen it will be as if you are right in France. Don’t forget the wine and bread for dinner!

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