Living With a Small Kitchen Layout – 3 Ways to Make it Work

Do you think your kitchen is too small to do anything in? Do you often find yourself wondering how you can make your small kitchen layout better? Is bringing in a contractor or completely redoing your kitchen not an option? There are some things you can do to help yourself out.

Identify and Plan Accordingly

First, take a good look at your kitchen. What is the layout? Most small kitchen layouts are galley, two-way galley, L-shaped, and U-shaped. You need to identify the type you have.  A galley layout is one where your kitchen is positioned along one wall. The two-way galley has appliance, cabinets and counter tops on two sides of the room, with an aisle running through the middle. The L-shaped and U-shaped layouts are pretty self explanatory.

While each of these layouts has its pros and cons, each can be used very efficiently. Keep in mind the natural flow of traffic in each room. Do not put extra furniture or utensils in the way of this natural movement. For example, if you have a galley layout place dishes in the cabinet closest to the table, so short quick steps with get you there. This will allow you to move about the small kitchen nook without blocking the aisle where others may be entering.

Place the Fridge at the End

If you have a family with children or teenagers the most commonly used appliance in the kitchen is probably the refrigerator. You can make the best of your small kitchen layout by placing the refrigerator next to the entrance of the kitchen. This will allow anyone to come into the kitchen and get a drink or snack from the refrigerator, without disturbing the person who is preparing the meal. Also, and easy way to not take up space, is to make sure the refrigerator door swings out towards the entrance it is next to instead of the into the kitchen.

Add a Workstation

If you find that your small kitchen layout works fine to feed your family of four but is not big enough to prepare a meal for a larger group, add a portable workstation to the area for the evening. There are many different types of workstations available, including those that have cabinet space underneath or those that will fold up and go into a closet at the end of the night.

Find one that works for your specific situation. If your small kitchen nook just needs some extra space to chop or put ingredients, get a workstation that has wheels and can be moved throughout the kitchen as you work. Another option is to get one with hooks or a basket to hold utensils so you can keep the station out of the way, but still use the available space.

Efficiency is most important in a small kitchen layout. If you are able to identify the type of kitchen you have you can make it work for you. Just keep tools at hand and allow traffic to move naturally, and you will minimize your problems.

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