Kitchen Reinvention – Decoration Ideas You Can’t Miss

We’ve been living in an old and small house for the last 25 years. While some parts are still okay, others are already dilapidated. So, we decided to rebuild or renovate these sections of the house. Of all the rooms, the kitchen was the most damaged area and we chose to work on it first. As the eldest son of the family, I was asked by my grandparents to take charge of the reconstruction project. I was neither a home enthusiast, nor did I have any experience in this field of work; so it was kind of a new ball game to me.

I went through several websites, books and magazines to look for some handy kitchen renovation ideas. The numerous tips, snaps and advertisements left me puzzled and gasping for breath. Sadly, I couldn’t find a single concept that matches steps with our small and simple house. Luckily, my neighbor came to my rescue and provided me with some really useful ideas. Let me share them with you today.

Smaller and packed in gadgets

Today, electrical device manufacturers have come up with innovative space-saving gadgets that make your small room look bigger. Some of these smart kitchen appliances are refrigerators with a depth of 24 inches and microwaves that can be placed below cabinets for saving table space.

Put your pans and pots on display

To get some additional storage area, hang pans and pots is a separate pot stand. Besides providing you with some additional cabinet space, they add a lot of appeal and character to your cooking area. You may also opt for open shelves where you can show off your plates and other utensils.

Play the right light game

No matter how small your cookhouse is, the right kind of lighting can make your space appear bigger and more gratifying.

Create a proper eating niche

Be smart and build an eating space in the kitchen without sacrificing your comfort level. Instead of occupying a large area, make use of a small round counter or a drop table with small chairs that can be folded and kept in a corner.

Go bold yet subtle

Yes, I’m talking about the paint job. When it’s kitchen decoration, opt for darker shades of blue, orange and green. To balance the overall look of the space, consider using furnishings in pastel shades of beige, cream and brown. This’ll give an elegant yet modern look to your property.

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