Ideas To Borrow From A Kitchen Gallery

Kitchen decor is increasingly becoming a major consideration for homeowners today. Achieving a certain look and feel in the kitchen can be a challenge, except where there is expert involvement.

Companies hired to do kitchens usually have a portfolio that displays some of their best work and concepts that are ready to be implemented, or those in progress. In a display of kitchen galleries, some outstanding features are:


Doors are largely function but can make a huge impression and boost the overall look of a kitchen. Different designs of doors like double doors add some flair to the room. The doors could have glass panes, cut outs in different shapes or be simply plain. A door painted in bright colors gives the impression that the room is well lit. Light brown polished veneer on a wooden door improves its look dramatically. Tinier detail like door handles, which could be plated in gold or chromium, doorframes and paneling in oak are other considerations to take into account.


Pull out drawers generally are made to match kitchen cabinets, from the color right up to the handles. The handles especially can be knobs, curved and drop pulls, or ornate. The shapes could be rounded or rectangular for ease of use.


Many people would not consider having wall art, pictures or paintings hanging in their kitchens. It would actually be appropriate to have wall art that spells out food related messages or promoting healthy eating on the walls, hand painted or graphically designed pictures of brightly colored fruits in an orchard or basket, or even a spring of clean water. This subconsciously encourages a person to eat healthy and reminds them to reach for a glass of water every time they step into the kitchen.

Utensils And Appliances

These could be utensils, crockery and appliances, which with mindful selection, can be done so that the material and colors match with the general décor of the kitchen. They could be: Step cans, storage containers, spice jars, glass holders and recycle bags. Must have appliances, preferably in stainless steel are, ovens, rice cookers, refrigerators, dishwashers deep freezers, microwaves, blenders, choppers, spice grinders, electric kettles and sandwich makers. The strategic positioning of these appliances in a kitchen subtly improves the general appearance of the room.


Natural light is undoubtedly the best, but artificial lighting can be enhanced to look almost as good. Positioning is key, as low lighting and those fixed to the ceilings can have different effects. Chandeliers could add a dash of classic vintage to a display.

Color Schemes

The paintings on the walls can be made to match pictures and wall art. The general theme could be lime green, as the color of lemons, bright red like a ripe tomato or a red apple, bright yellow like a pawpaw or a blend of matching colors on different ends of the color spectrum.


The arrangement of stools and chairs on counters and tables, and the type of furniture matters. Metallic stools or chairs give a semi- formal or sleek and ultra-modern look to the kitchen while wood give it a rustic feel.

Kitchen galleries are meant to give ideas of how kitchens should look like in the end, and inspire the viewer to go further and infuse their own style into a kitchen. For an incredible collection, creative and expert photography is necessary to achieve the overall effect.

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