Huntsville Botanical Gardens Offers Relaxation, Fun and Education

Huntsville Botanical Gardens is just one of the many reasons that the city of Huntsville, Alabama has become a popular family vacation destination for this southern state gem. Aside from being popularly known as the Rocket City, this area is also proud of the different gardens it offers to each and every tourist and visitor to the city.

Since the opening of these attractions, the Rocket City has also become one of the most visited places in the South, especially by those individuals who are nature lovers. These different gardens in the city provide a variety of fun and learning.

Covering a total of 112 acres or 453,000 square miles, located along Wallace Avenue is where you can find many of these beautiful plantings. These landscaped areas are open for you to explore and to appreciate the many different unique designs and themes. Flowers, trees, ferns, herbaceous plants, birds, frogs, snakes, fishes and many more are what these gardens offer to each and every visitor.

Let’s take a look at some of the more well known attractions.

* The Perennial Garden is the site where you can see many landscapes filled with herbaceous perennials, trees and flowering shrubs.

* The Annual Garden which includes the Summerhouse that was designed to display a wide range of tender plants and bulbs.

* The Aquatic Garden, a 110-foot pool where water lilies, lotus and many other creatures live in this complete ecosystem.

* The garden made especially for kids is the Children’s Garden. An eight in one garden for children of all ages. Here they can explore and enjoy the themes like the land of dinosaurs, travel into space, learn how plants grow, and many more kid friendly activities.

* The Garden of Hope which is dedicated for cancer patients and their families.

* The Rose Garden which is a garden filled with many lovely roses of different colors and sizes.

* The Herb Garden displaying different kinds of herbs.

* The Daylily Garden which showcases lilies in bloom beautifully every day.

* The most recognized among all is the Nature Center and Butterfly House. A garden mostly visited for its educational value. Here you can find over 2,000 butterflies flying in a 9,000 square ft structure. You will also see many snakes, frogs, fishes and turtles around the garden.

Huntsville botanical gardens truly showcase natural beauty and more. If you are visiting the great state of Alabama, you will want to take the time to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this rare gift.

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