Home Decorating Ideas – 5 Outdoor Room Ideas

Now is the time for creating the perfect outdoor room. With spring on the way you will want to be ready to enjoy the outdoors. Your creation need only be limited by your imagination. Take your personal passions and have the best place for your family to enjoy meals, conversations and the perfect place to read or just sit and think. First you will want to decide what your room will be used for and then you can start to create and make plans for the features that are most important to you. Below I am going to make some suggestion as to things you might want to consider adding.

1. Outdoor Kitchen Nothing says that you can not have a very usable kitchen outside. You will need shelter,lighting and storage space. You can incorporate an outdoor grill into your design as well as a bar,refrigerator and small sink. Bar stools,food and dishes and you are ready to entertain

2. Outdoor Fireplace An outdoor fireplace will make a great focal point for your room. It will make for a very cozy place to spend those chilly spring and fall nights.

3. Hot Tub What outdoor room would be complete without a hot tub. This will give you yet another place to relax. I like to use mine in the dead of winter for the perfect place to warm and watch it snow.

4. Outdoor Office Build a small office place facing your outside room and ad french doors and they will let you open up your office to the whole outside space. The thing I especially like about french doors is that they both open so your office will seam like it is just part of your outside space. What a nice place to do your work and enjoy your evening meal.

5. Ad an Adirondack Chair Well an Adirondack chair will just put the icing on the cake for places to relax and read a good book.

All that is left to ad to this relaxing place you have created is music and candles. This is my dream outdoor room that I have just described to you and you are more than welcome to create it or visualize your own. If you live in a warm year round climate you will be able to use your room everyday. if I had a room like this the only problem would be that I would never want to go inside. This is not one of my better “CHEAP” home decorating ideas but one to dream about.

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