Going Eco-Friendly In Style With Walnut Kitchen Towel Holders

Walnut kitchen towel holders are another very popular material for kitchen towel holders. Like the bamboo, walnut trees are fast growing and can be farmed without impeding on any natural environments, they also offer material that provides a fantastic neutral tone that melds well with many modern based kitchen themes.

With the huge push towards becoming Eco-friendly, manufacturers are looking for ways to feed the growing demand for Eco-friendly accessories. As such, when a new sustainable and Eco-friendly material is discovered, there is a frenzy of designers and manufacturers looking for ways to implement these new materials into popular and functional accessories. The walnut kitchen towel holder is simply another example of this.

Walnut Kitchen Towel Holders – Styles And Designs

These Eco-friendly accessories have not been very prominent in the industry as of yet. Many other types of household products incorporate walnut materials, however, walnut based kitchen towel holders are relatively new. As a result, there are a few designs that exhibit a broad functionality as well as neutral based aspects to ensure they cover all of the bases in terms of melding well into most themes as well as ensuring they do the job they were manufactured to.

Classic Mountable Design

Aside from the traditional freestanding design, the classic mountable design allows for the versatility of having the option to mount the holder wherever it will be most accessible. In conjunction with this useful attribute, the mountable designs also offer a very neutral based look that work well in a wide range of themes from modern to country.

In terms of the different woods, stains, and finishes, there is some customizing that can be done to achieve the desired look for this product. Walnut is generally a darker neutral based shade that in itself functions well visually in most themes; however, many manufacturers use different stains to achieve a wide range of hues ensuring there are plenty of choices for the consumer. As a result, while in fact there are few choices for this particular version of the popular kitchen towel holder accessory in terms of design, it is still fairly simple to meld into a pre-existing theme.

Walnut is a very durable material, so if you find yourself going the route of purchasing a walnut kitchen towel holder, rest assured knowing you will probably not need a new one for quite some time, as walnut is not very susceptible to wear and tear.

In all, walnut is just another choice on the growing list of Eco-friendly products to choose from; as such, more designs will be made available as environmentally friendly practices become more mainstream and widely vouched for.

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