Front Yard Landscaping Design

A lot of yards look about the same. You’ve got grass, flower beds, and maybe an island. How do you give your home yard a little pizzazz?

Park Strip

Put something in besides grass. Grass is pretty boring. A couple of large boulders can go a long way in the park strip. In addition, you might plant some unique trees or shrubs. You will definitely have an average yard if you go with grass and a few basic trees. How about a Monkey Puzzle Tree or Alpine Fir in the park strip? Putting in some larger items in the park strip sets a nice foreground for the rest of the yard.

Flower Beds

Raise them up at least six inches high. Taller and larger flower beds look a lot better than plain flat ground. Just make sure that you are willing to spend the time to keep them maintained properly.

Plant lots of flowers. People often make the mistake of skimping on plants. The flower beds should be packed with color.

You should also create centerpieces with hardscape features like boulders, bronze statues or wood items (to name a few). This adds a new element of texture and makes the design much more interesting.


A high mountain top would have a different theme than a tropical forest. You need to decide what kinds of plants you like best overall. Then, stick with the theme. Try your best to mimic nature because nature is much more beautiful than man made yards. Finding pictures of plants you like in magazines is an easy way to find out what you like. You could also spend time at the local nursery.

Final Tips

Pick at least one unique feature you love and surround the yard with the theme of this. It will go a long way in providing you ideas. Incorporate as much foreground and background as possible. To do this, bring larger items to the foreground and diminish others in the background. Finally, don’t just copy all your neighbors. It won’t really be yours.

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