Essentials in Home Garden Design

Working on your own garden is more fun and more practical instead of hiring landscape artists and gardeners to give your yard a new and inviting look. All you need are some creativity and great love for gardening. However, there are some dangers too in having no background in gardening or having little knowledge about it. Instead of achieving the best look that you want, you end up regretting changing the way your front or backyard looks.

Plan, Plan, Plan

So as to avoid mistakes, careful planning is essential in designing your garden. Many gardens are haphazardly made so gardeners are not able to sustain their verdant and colorful look. Apart from the arrangement of the plants and the ornaments, you should also plan what plants, shrubs and flowers to use. There are certain plants that grow only in a particular season so if you would plant only those in your garden, for the rest of the year your garden would be good as dead. Make sure to include perennial plants as these live longer and when cut, they continue to blossom and grow.

Plant for Autumn

Don’t miss out the natural beauty of autumn season by not planting enough autumn plants with very colorful leaves. You might be thinking of planting plants that bloom during spring and summer seasons by now. Though they’ll make your garden lovely during these times of the year, they’ll similarly make your garden dull during autumn and winter seasons as their flowers wither. Planting autumn shrubs and vines such as burning bush, Virginia creeper, red chokeberry, Viking black chokeberry and fothergilla will make your garden more exciting during fall.

Also, include in your planning the location of your garden. You should situate your garden on a flat area in your yard and not on a steep slope to avoid erosion during rainy days. It would be best to build a stone retaining wall. Use real stones for a more natural effect.

Have Some Plants for Winter

A lot of home gardens are left dead during the snowy winter months. This is because the owners did not plant trees, shrubs and other plants that shall make your winter days lively and just as exciting as summer and springtime. Aside from evergreens and conifer trees, you can also try shrubs with colorful berries that keep the birds around and trees with dramatic branching patterns such as cranberry bush viburnum, birch trees, bayberry and evergreen holly shrubs.

Irrigation System

A good irrigation system is a key to maintaining a colorful and verdant garden. You may not be always around to water the plants yourself so you should also have an irrigation system that would provide sufficient water to your plants.

Balance Aesthetics with Functionality

Although looks matter, you should not take for granted the functionality and the safety of your garden design. Make sure that the plants do not block or mess with the pathways, especially if you have children and pets in the house. Also, if you plan to hold special family gatherings in that garden, have enough lawn space where you can hold social gatherings.

Don’t you know that you can also save energy by designing your garden well? If you plant evergreen trees to the northern or western part of the house, these trees may work well as windbreaks and so you can save on heating expenses.

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