Capodimonte Lamps and Victorian Interior Design

With the help of Victorian interior design, capodimonte lamps and other design features, you can transform your home. This look is unique and it offers something very special to any area. If you know the look, the picture of a 1800’s lady with clothing from that period and an umbrella stepping graciously onto a rowing boat, then you know just how to create this look in your home. As a popular choice in New England region, it can work in any area of the country that you see fit. There are several ways you can create this.

A Trip Back

Learning a bit more about Victorian interior design can be important. The design is that of Queen Victoria who reigned in England from 1837 to 1901. Her lifetime was remembered very fondly and therefore, the various elements that symbolized that time were carried forth. It was a time of innovation and the industrial revolution, and a time when fortunes were being made.

The architecture of this time was very unique, but at the same time very grand. This is what helped to foster in those times and create a unique look and feel to the location. Today, the look of that time period is carried on in the Victorian interior design that is heavily used and often represents something truly historical.


While you may be thinking about Capodimonte lamps and whimsical designs, one thing that was readily found during this time frame is that of wallpaper. It has been used for centuries and continuously offers a unique design that is awe inspiring. Many times, wallpaper was seen as a way to show that people were well off.

Because of this status symbol, the Victorian interior design style often included it. If you want to recreate this look, then you should considering adding wallpaper to your plans for the home. For those that do not want to invest in wallpaper, you may be able to go with another look, or use Victorian styled furniture to complete the look.

For the floors in this timeframe, look for good looking hardwood floors. They can feature throw rugs on them. You will not want wall to wall carpeting. Add some circular picture frames, a few Capodimonte lamps and you will be well on your way to creating a unique look that is perfectly Victorian interior design. Decorating a room in this 1800’s style can be challenging and rewarding.

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