Business Decor – Interior Decorating for a Long Term Bomb Shelter Discussed

Now then, here’s a topic you probably have not heard of or discussed much, but in light of some of the warlike activities going on around the world, perhaps we should discuss it.

What type of interior design and decor to use inside of a long-term bomb shelter?

Yes, this is a rather morbid thought, but now with Putin in control of Russia again and leading the world back towards the Cold War and with rogue nation states having nuclear weapons, and as we enter the age of nuclear terrorism – bomb shelters are now back on the table, maybe you’ve thought about having one to protect your family? Okay so let’s talk about this shall we?

If you’re going to be in a bomb shelter with all the amenities for a long periods of time, let’s say six months to a year and a half until the radiation fallout has subsided, then you are going to want to decorate the place and keep it as peaceful as possible because there will be a lot of stress being cooped up like that. It’s not that humans can’t do this we know they have, as there are people in prisons, and NASA has studied volunteers who have spent several years inside capsules and habitats for practice for a potential colony on living on Mars.

They have done all sorts of psychological studies, and the U.S. Navy has also done studies and research inside of submarines. The human psyche can handle it, but the business of decor, or the interior decorating does matter. In prisons they find there is less aggression with pastel colors. While that is true, there is another reason why I believe that the inside interior paint ought to be very bland and light-colored. You see, if you don’t have sunlight for a long period of time your skin starts to lose its color and pigmentation.

This can cause health issues, but I am sure that anyone who is going to be in a long-term bomb shelter would have considered special vitamin supplements, perhaps even vitamin D. But if your skin starts to turn white and grayish, you’d want the paint to match. If the colors were too dark, there would be too much contrast between the color of the skin of the humans inside and the sides of the wall.

This would remind you that you weren’t as healthy as you could be because you would look like the walking dead. By keeping the colors similar, this would uplift your spirits, and you might not notice the huge difference between before and after, even if the process were rather slow. Please consider all this and think on it.

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