Bridal Shower – Need Ideas For Bridal Shower Themes?

Planning a Bridal shower? If so you’ll love these new and exciting bridal shower themes. This is a list of a few of the most popular bridal showers out there today. When planning a shower these days; there is a lot more that can add to the excitement besides just some tea and cake. So what are they? Here is a list of hot new shower ideas sure to make any shower a hit.

Alphabet Shower:

If you are going to have 26 guests or more you can play the alphabet shower game on top of any bridal shower theme. All you have to do is include on the invitation an alphabet letter, with a note asking them to write a special poem or memory, and bring a gift that begins with that letter.

Hawaiian Luau:

Whether you transport your guest to an actual Hawaiian island or to your back yard, a luau is a very popular theme for a bridal shower. Try adding a few tiki torches, orchids or other flowers of paradise, bright colors like pink, orange, yellow and green. You can also find someone who can teach your guests a few steps of a hula dance. An outdoor fire pit would also be a nice touch to the luau as well.

Naughty or Nice:

This shower game can be a lot of fun! Each person will be asked to bring a naughty or nice gift to the shower. Then include a nice and naughty shower game. This will add a lot of fun and excitement to any shower.

Hearts and Flowers Shower:

This shower can be especially fun around Valentine’s Day. Decorate the shower with hearts and flowers of the bride’s choice. Then play a few games centered on the romantic theme.

Stock the Kitchen Shower:

The theme to this shower is self explanatory, with each guest bringing something to help stock the kitchen with essentials or decorations. Just make sure you include the colors and type of kitchen the bride is going to be having.

Bed and Breakfast Theme:

This kind of shower is usually hosted in the morning, serving a hot breakfast buffet. Then play some fun bedroom, kitchen or breakfast games.

Christmas Shower Theme:

This shower is fun to do around the holiday season. Each guest can either make or buy an ornament for the couple’s tree and you can play any Christmas party games.

Pamper the Bride Theme:

This theme can be very fun and relaxing. You can either hire someone to come out and give everyone a facial, manicure and pedicure, or you can all do one for the bride. Reminding her to take some time for herself to relax and have fun.

Stock the Cupboard/Pantry Shower:

This can be a theme or a game. Ask each guest to bring a recipe and the ingredients you would need to make the recipe. Or you can ask each person to bring something that will help stock the pantry.

Garden Shower:

This shower is especially good if your bride loves to garden. You can either host this game in the garden if you have one suitable, or you can even host it indoors. Play garden games and use seed packets for favors, a watering can filled with fresh flowers for centerpiece’s, and gardening tools to give away as prizes for the games or as favors.

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