Bathroom Renovation Ideas To Make A Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

Most persons would love to have a big master bathroom that they can decorate, however this is not the reality in the case of many persons. Many persons live in apartments, town homes and certain homes tend to have at least one bathroom which is normally small. This could either be the quest bathroom, hall bathroom or even the master bathroom. Regardless of its location there are a few bathroom renovation ideas that you can use to make it appear bigger, as no one enjoys having to feel cramped in a small and cluttered bathroom.

The Walls: Paint your walls in a light colour using a modest pattern. This tends to make the bathroom look bigger than if you were to use a solid colour. The pattern can be achieved by using wall paper that is patterned or using a faux finish. Ensure that the background is very light with the patterns being only a little darker.

Ceiling and Trims: Most persons tend to forget the ceiling, but if you were to give this a nice fresh coating of white paint you would see what a different it makes. Also paint all your trimmings in white and if you desire include a white crown moulding to make the room appear longer and bigger.

The Floor: Light coloured flooring will definitely help you to achieve you goal. As a result, if you plan on using ceramic tiles, go for those which are medium in size for example around 6 – 8 inches that has a simple pattern and of course a light shade as smaller tiles can help to make the room seem small. If your budget cannot cover you changing your flooring, you could use a large light coloured area rug to cover up your dark flooring if this is your case.

Lighting: Lighting fixtures can have a huge impact on how big your bathroom appears. It is therefore best for you to use skylights which will provide a nice wide natural light to the entire room. Also consider removing your bathroom window curtains and replacing them with simple window valence that makes the windows visible. For a brighter and more natural light use only CFL bulbs, these are also very energy efficient and so will also help to lower your energy bill. You may want to avoid fixtures that protrude out into the room and just use recessed lighting.

Cabinet and Fixtures: You will need to limit the number of fixtures and cabinet as much as possible. This may require of you to get really creative with storage. It’s best to use glass selves, floor baskets for storing towels and a pedestal sink. Adding mirrors will aid in light reflection and help to make the room look bigger. In addition, using glass shower doors or clear shower curtains will also help in achieving your desired look. If cabinets are a must ensure that they are painted white.

Finally try to minimize your wall decorations to one or two at most. Only use light coloured decorations, dark colours may be used but in moderation. Use these few bathroom renovation tips to make your bathroom seem bigger.

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