4 Frugal Interior Design Ideas For Apartment Living

Your home is the showcase of your personality. It’s the collection of what you enjoy, the people you love and the expressed culmination of life’s experiences.

The wall colors, floor finishes, trims and built-ins all play a role in expressing your personal design style. This is what makes a house a home.

But, when moving to an apartment, your design options are limited. It can become either a frustrating limitation or an exciting design challenge.

Many apartment living contracts today prohibit doing any personalization to the walls and floors so what can a person do to make that apartment feel like “home”.

No worries! Here are some fun, frugal and easy non-permanent solutions to giving that rental a permanent look. You can express your personal touch without penalty.

Tip 1: Choose your favorite fabrics to use in your upholstery and window treatments. These are additions that any apartment management company expects. Don’t feel like you have to limit your decorating expression.

These will be going with you when or if you leave that rental unit so take your time and choose what you want in the way you want it.

Tip 2: If you have a special collection or valuable accessories that are important to display, forget the limiting wall shelving. Instead, bring in a free standing cabinet that compliments your collection. This way you can establish a specific location for your enthusiasms that can be highlighted in whatever way you see fit.

Tip 3: Compliment the room with baskets, textured fabrics and slip covers. These are also easy to up grade, remove or relocate as you life changes.

Tip 4: Introduce an area rug that brings in those fun colors that are not allowed to be painted on walls. Tie in the bright bold colors introduced by your rug throughout the house with matching accents that will pull the color into those rooms. Some examples could be, toss or floor pillows, lamp shades, fake flowers, picture frames and mates.

Give apartment living your own unique look by using these creatively fluid decorating ideas. You won’t have to be concerned about hiding excessive marks or damaging walls. Everything is designed to go with you whenever you need to change locations.

If your life choices brings you to the place of having to move frequently, invest in furniture that breaks down quickly for moving ease.

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