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Wedding themes have long been the magical way that all young girls dream about and desire to have when they are grown and meet that handsome prince. Over the centuries, many décor ideas for a creative wedding have evolved. The first one that I like to mention is a very popular one. This theme for a wedding is about Prince Charming and Cinderella. The formal costumes, the food, and even the lost slipper can be a part of the ceremony. Most of the time the food is fanciful and dreamy served amidst dry ice to conjure up the magic. A professional wedding decorator can transform any function able room into your palace. Ice carvings create the image of being the enchanted kingdom. The costumes of course must consist of the big princess ball gown, (magic wand to be included).

The Groom must wear a tuxedo. Use romantic candles and beautiful flowers this is the final addition of your fairy tale wedding. This is a great décor idea for a creative wedding. Many different theme ideas have come to play over the years. I attended a Hawaiian style wedding in the snow country. The theme beautifully made using snow as the background for sand. The snow made the sand look while the lei’s and the Hawaiian shirts blended in with the rest of the décor making the bride and groom a stand out at this wedding. A large native looking man served pig with an apple in mouth on a large platter while native girls danced. The pig roasted already with vegetables and little cups of poi were at everyone’s plate.

There were many great ideas for a very unique and personalized favors and decor in this wedding. The nautical theme used both on board ship and on dry land is a winning theme. Shipboard weddings are popular and they offer the honeymoon as part of the package. The captain can perform the ceremony while the ships men do all the work for the scenery etc. The other type of nautical wedding calls for many décor ideas for a creative wedding. The banquet room decorated with things from a boat, the bride and groom table can utilize the lifesavers for dishes, while the glass wear can look like a pelican. The real thing is if you like you can use the marine type clothing worn by civilians. We hope that you have enjoyed these décor ideas for a creative wedding. The following theme ideas are possible what ideas can you come up:

  • The Garden or Perfect “Pear” Wedding
  • The Casino Wedding
  • The Old West Style Wedding
  • The Viking Wedding
  • The Medieval Period
  • Irish Wedding
  • Arabian Knights Wedding

I hope you have fun coming up with ideas for the different themes we have suggested and perhaps you might have a theme or special wedding idea that you can work with for your own dream wedding.

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