The Secrets Of Accessorizing The Zen Decorating Theme

Accenting your Zen decorating theme with decorative accessories is a nice way to balance the interior decorating scheme. To get the sense of a meditation garden, you should plan to include peaceful and serene accessories that have a minimalistic style. Your Zen style décor will really look great when you add various complimentary pillows, artwork and knick knacks.

In order to get your wall art to look interesting you have to be aware of the right way to hang it. Many people hang prints and paintings so that the top or bottom edges line up, but the proper way to situate them so that the center of the pieces line up. When arranging numerous items in a group, it’s a good idea to come up with the configuration first by working with them on the floor and moving them around until you have that perfect look. The Zen decorating theme can be accentuated with watercolors that you can place sparingly.

You may also accessorize with rice paper lamps, Asian pottery, and a lotus bowl with 1 flower to create the style of a meditation garden. Pick accessories that mirror a common theme that is in keeping with your interior decorating theme. If you select accessories that are too different, then you can end up ruining the ambiance you are trying to achieve.

Knick Knacks add dimension and atmosphere to your design theme. To enhance your Zen décor, you want to purchase ones that have a peaceful and serene allure. Using a water fountain on a low table or having a bamboo plant in a simple planter. When browsing for pieces try to buy ones that have your unique tastes. Consider shopping at thrift stores or yard sales for those unusual items that won’t take all your money.

Another accessory you could display to add interest to your décor is decorative pillows. You can realize a use for pillows in any type of room even the bathroom and kitchen. You can decorate with pillows in the bath or kitchen by displaying them on chairs, shelving and any corner or any interesting spot. Using decorative pillows piled at the head of your bed can add an interesting professional appeal. Pillows on the couch or chairs in your living room, den or family room can help inject a bit of the Zen décor feel. Using pillows that are silk will help add an interesting touch.

Making use of shoji screens, plants and furniture with simple lines can add interest and drama to your Zen decorating theme. However before you go out and get a variety of stuff, you must get an idea of what types of items you would like and stick to those pieces. You must be certain your accessories are in the right scale to each other so you should be aware of the sizes of your items when picking them. Buying items that look just right together will help make sure your decor really makes an impression!

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