The Influence of Colors in the House

The combination of colors in the housing interior cannot be done according to specific rules because the selection, impact and manner of its use are closely related to the individual feelings of a person.

When deciding what color to use for the walls in the rooms you, should reckon with the aesthetic and functional aspects of the interior and the psychological effect of the color. Generally, you can accept the principle that the color of the walls, which are background of the furniture, fabrics, paintings and people, should be persistent and neutral – only then it will harmonize all elements of the interior. The balance of colors in this case is achieved easily and there is no risk of color stimuli. Scientific studies have proven the psychological impact of colors.

The red colors are most exciting and troubling, but they are one of the most popular because they are an expression of strength, dignity and abundance. Long-term residence in an environment with red, however, can exhaust the eyes and act irritable. For larger panels, it is imperative to find the softened hues of red colors.

Yellow color in the interior creates an illusion of warmth and induces relaxation and amusement. An important advantage of the yellows is that they do not change the optical scale of the room. Mild green and orange create a sense of optimism, wealth and fertility. Yellow flowers are suitable for rooms with little access to sunlight. Used in the living room and nursery, these colors conducive to creativity and reflection.

Orange colors are amongst the most active. They act emotional and exciting, set the mood to joy and gladness, represent health and active life, but optically reduce the space.

Green colors express security and create good conditions for rest. The interior is applied in mild tones, primarily as a color for walls in the bedroom and less in other rooms.

Blue colors radiate calm and are conductive to concentration of thought. They are suitable for sunny areas. Used for walls and ceilings in the living room and bedroom, they create a soothing sense of calmness.

Violet colors are produced as a mixture of red and blue. They cause a sense of seriousness and dignity and are an expression of solemnity, splendor and luxury.

Brown colors bring a sense of warmth, comfort and relaxation. In the interior composition these colors appear to be very necessary. Without them there is no sustainability of your house.

White colors in the houses are considered for colors of purity and light.

Gray colors are neutral. They come into harmony with all the color tones. For the interior, gray colors are particularly important because they soften the brightness of the other colors.

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