Some Unique Kitchen Cabinets Door Styles You Can Adhere To

Well, spring is approaching again and for some reason or the other you have decided to change the look of your kitchen cabinets doors. And, this time you want something unique. That’s a little difficult task as coming up with something new, creative and unique is not a child’s play. The kitchen depicts the house owners’ personality. Here are some clever ideas that you can consider for your home kitchen cabinets doors. These ideas can be implemented easily within a weekend with the help of some household tools.

Chalkboard Inserts

When a kid misses his/her mom, the kitchen is the first place he/she looks in for her. At times, you have to leave a note for your kids but you fail to find a pen and paper. You can cleverly evade the need of pen and paper by making use of chalkboard inserts. Chalkboard inserts are unique stuff that provides an easy space for you and your children to scribble. All you need to get are some “chalkboard” paints; brush or spray on a few inserts and leave them to dry. Thereafter, put these inserts in the kitchen cabinets doors.

Rural or Country

You can go rural or country too. Here we have a clever idea for you – chicken wire! Yes, you read it write. Apart from the kitchen which non-vegetarians have, there is something called a kitchen wire also. The kitchen wire when combined with cleanliness and bold colors makes a one of kind set to be put on kitchen cabinets doors. If your mother or grandmother used to raise chicken, then this style would be a tribute to your heritage. Kitchen wires or poultry netting can be a viable option for all home improvement measures. You just need a pair of pliers and an electric stapler (heavy-duty). If you have these equipments then you can yourself fix the nets sans seeking help of professionals. However, difference between works of professional cabinet makers and a novice cannot be bridged fully.

Leaded or Frosted

Here is an idea that very few people might have thought about before. Leaded or frosted glass provides the charm of crystal clear glass. Also, it does not come with hassles of having to gather everything neatly, every time. Frosted glasses add elegance to any ultra-modern place. Leaded glass showcases vintage elegance and artistic details which are impeccable when it comes to style. You can ask a local hardware shop to cut the glass for you in fitting shape and size. Add mirror clips to reinforce the glass and ensure it remains in position.

Asian Attire

Incorporating outdoor ideas such as reeds, bamboos and banana fibers are also fantastic ideas. You can garner a native look.

Tuscan Style

A rustic Tuscan appearance would garner praises from one and all. To add a flavor to this particular style, try installing a lattice. This cottage appearance works best if used sparingly. Therefore, try mixing other types of doors with less design to highlight the crisscross. This style requires comparatively least effort.

There are a number of cabinet makers available in the market whom you can ask for help. You can surf the Internet and get their contact details from their official websites.

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