Outdoor Deck Design Using Wall Fountains

One of the ways that a lot of people improve the appearances of their backyards is through adding deck additions, and one way to spruce up your deck design is through the addition of fountains. Wall fountains make exceptional additions to any deck design, because decks have plenty of the one thing that it takes to install one: a flat surface on which to hang them. However, many wall fountains today are designed with solid bases and some people simply place them on the ground in a garden, patio or yard setting and they look great.

Outdoor Deck Designs and Water Wall Fountains

While there are ways to make your backyard deck more visually appealing, in general the basics behind deck design dictate that it should have sharp lines and tight corners, and not a whole lot of “over design” or fancy design to it. Decks are not generally where you implement a lot of fancy cutting or shaping, so your deck may end up appearing rather plain in comparison to other yard, patio or garden designs. That does not mean that your deck has to be plain forever, not when you consider everything that you can do using water wall fountains in conjunction with your outdoor deck design.

Water wall fountains make stunning additions to deck design because they come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, textures and materials. There is no reason why you cannot find the perfect fountains to suit the design of your outdoor deck, and the rest of your yard for that matter. Even if your yard, garden or deck are rather plain in appearance, there are plenty of unique fountain designs that may fit perfectly with what you already have going on out back.

Choosing the Right Water Wall Fountains

Water wall fountains [http://www.witch-crafted.com/garden8.htm], as was mentioned earlier, come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes, as well as a myriad of different designs, themes, colors, textures and materials. The size and shape of your wall fountains should be dictated by the design of your deck, as the two should work together rather than against one another when it comes to completing the design of your backyard or garden. If you have tall walls that need something aesthetically pleasing to fill them, you may consider tall standing fountains, which will fill the space nicely. On the other hand, shorter areas like benches, or short walls may better benefit from the installation of shorter or horizontal fountains, which fill wider spaces nicely and do not climb as high.

As far as texture, color and style go – the choices are really up to you. You should choose wall fountains that work well with the theme of your yard. Even if you do not think your yard or garden has a theme, it more than likely does. Are you going for pale colors, or bright? Are you incorporating a lot of water, or a lot of wood? Look at the elements that you have already established in your yard or garden, or surrounding your outdoor deck, and work from there. Choosing wall fountains that suit the appearance of your deck’s theme does not have to be a difficult task, as long as you know how to coordinate everything to work with each other rather than against.

Choosing the right fountains for your outdoor deck design is completely up to you. Likewise, if you already have water wall fountains and want to implement a deck, your ideas and inspiration are what truly matter. As long as the colors, textures and themes have some sort of relevancy to one another when combining deck designs with wall fountains, you have probably found a match worth pursuing.

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