Lawn Care Tips and Gardening Ideas for Interesting Garden Lawn Designs

There are many aspects to lawn care, and getting it just right can be important for the right results for a lush green lawn. Garden lawn designs can transform your whole garden. Instead of the standard rectangular garden lawn shape you could try a circular lawn or simply one with curved edges.

Lawn Care

For lawn care and cutting your grass lawn, the blades of your mowing machine should be set at the correct height. If you have fine grass which you mow constantly set the blades just below a half-inch, never lower than three-eighths. For stronger growing grass blades should be set at half an inch.

There are many aspects to lawn care – you should mow the lawn in a different direction at each mowing so that if you mow the length of the lawn at one time, mow from the sides next time and diagonally after that. Do not roll often but a rolling in spring will compact the soil. Many people never roll the lawn at all. In spring (and before rolling) if you intend to do this, brush the lawn surface to remove leaves and other debris. Rake well using a special fan-shaped wire rake which will comb out creeping weeds, moss and old grass and so help to aerate the growing grass. This will also help to keep all kinds of fungus pests at bay.

Spiking or puncturing the lawn surface with a digging fork or a special spiked roller is another aspect of lawn care and is also a good means of aerating the soil and improving drainage. In April “top dress” the lawn scattering fertiliser evenly over the surface.

The pattern of your garden lawn design can do much to distinguish your rectangular plot from others. An oddly shaped piece of land can be balanced by making a good central lawn of definite pattern.

For garden lawn designs and shapes, it might be necessary to design the grass in relation to the house, extending the line down the centre. Of course the lawn need not be square or rectangular, but once you get it properly balanced you will find that definite borders can be made around it. Oddly shaped pieces left over can be used to hold definite sections such as a cutting patch, a fruit bed or a vegetable garden. Paths around them or to them can be screened, thus giving the impression that more lies beyond.

If the plot (taking the direction from the house) is long, make the lawn wide or circular. If it is too wide, make a diamond or cameo-shaped lawn, running away from the house.

A round, heart-shaped, diamond, cameo or even rose-shaped garden lawn design with scalloped edges may often look better than a rectangle, but make sure that the mower can easily negotiate the curving edges. A tiny garden may look prettier if the garden lawn design is turned into a wide “path” with flower borders on each side.

Remember that the area near any sunny wall or fence is valuable, so do not spoil it by placing the path next to it.

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