Landscaping Yourself Versus Using a Landscape Architect

Landscaping involves changing the visible aspects of your garden. This involves to an extent gardening and horticulture but it also means other aspects of design and installing tiles and pagodas and other elements to basically make your garden as pleasant to look at and to exist in as possible. If you get really good landscaping for your garden then it will enable you to create a space outdoors that is far easier to maintain than it might otherwise be, and that has a very peaceful and attractive vibe. The garden is a perfect place to relax and to feel the fresh air and the sun on your face, while getting away from the stuffy space indoors where we work and live – but if it is all over grown and muddy then this can make it hard to fully appreciate and relax.

A great garden then means you can get more from your garden on your own. It also means you can make more of your garden as a space to entertain guests and visitors and you can stand out on the patio with drinks or even eat at the table outside to provide a perfect atmosphere. All this requires a great garden design though and what your visitors make of your garden and your home will be greatly affected by this.

The question then is whether you should landscape yourself or whether you should use a landscape architect. Of course by landscaping yourself you can save money but is this going to sacrifice the quality of your garden too much too?

The answer is likely yes, and while you might enjoy landscaping yourself, you will likely not have all of the skills and knowledge that a professional service has. You might well find that you try and grow the wrong plants near each other so that they stifle each other and fight for light and water, or that you plant the plants in the wrong soil – many people aren’t even aware that it matters what plants you plant in which soil.

Landscape architects will likewise know about stamped concrete, granite, marble and any other garden patio or garden art you want. They will know how to install it and will be able to do so themselves or contract it out making it much cheaper, and will be able to place it down flatter with fewer gaps so your garden is easier to maintain and so it looks better year round. Likewise they will have more experience about what looks good where and can help you make the right decision about the garden.

You of course still get autonomy and you still get the final say on what your landscaping looks like. Thus your garden will still be your perfect garden and you will still get that sense of pride when you sit outside and enjoy it, or show it to guests. At the same time though it will look better and more professional and will be easier to look after, and as though that wasn’t all enough you will find that your property goes up in value more as a result too.

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