Landscape Ideas for Flowers in a Birdbath Garden – Things to Consider

Do you want to come home to a relaxed and lovely looking environment? Try looking over some landscape ideas for flowers in a birdbath garden. Landscaping flowers in a way that attracts birds in your area could add life and color to your property. You’ll be sure to enjoy the view of birds gaily chirping in your yard.

Flowers are one of those tools you can use to lure birds to your property. Common birds that would most likely find its way into your yard are blue jays, hummingbirds, colored cardinals as well as the regular native birds you’d see flitting around in your area.

If you want to attract regular visitations from these birds, there are some things you can do with your landscape – particularly your flowering plants. Below are some ideas you can implement to lure more of these chirping visitors:

Plant Native Flowers

Planting native flowers is a sure way to attract birds in your yard. Birds are more likely to gravitate towards things they are most familiar with. Besides, if you plant exotic looking plants and flowers, birds may not be able to recognize them as source of food so they naturally stay away from it.

Aside from this, it can be to your advantage too. Native flowers are easier to tend to and does not require special attention to grow.

Plant Bright, fragrant and Food Bearing Flowers

For the same reason as above, you also need to choose plants that offers bright, fragrant as well as food bearing flowers. Birds are not only attracted to flowers for their beauty, more importantly, they gravitate towards flowers in search for food. If you want these birds to visit you more often, give them something they’re looking for. An example of these kind of flowers are asters, sunflowers as well as thistles.

Plant Shrubs and Trees

Birds, by nature are very wary of open areas. That’s why it’s needed that you have some shrubs and trees around your property to make the birds feel more secure. Also, aside from flowers, birds may also obtain their food from fruit bearing trees so it’s definitely an added advantage to have some of those around your property. For this purpose, you have the option of planting mulberry, cherry, blackberries and plum are very attractive i birds.

Place Birdbaths and Birdhouses at Strategic Places

To get the birds to hang out in you birdbaths or birdhouses, you have to place those decor where the birds don’t feel threatened. Placing them in open spaces is a bad idea. A good place would be hanging them at different height of flowering or fruit bearing tree. Or in the case of birdbaths, you need to set these structure near trees where birds can really feel secure.

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