Kitchen Towel Holders – A Cheap Way to Style Your Kitchen

Kitchen towel holders are an excellent and cheap way to introduce a little character and style into your kitchen.

To begin, these units are typically out in the open, and one of the more commonly seen items in your kitchen, whether they are mounted to a wall or simple resting on a counter. As such, kitchen towel holders can play a pretty important role in helping to set the theme of your kitchen.

Kitchen Towel Holder Styles and Materials

These units come in a variety of different styles that are manufactured from countless types of materials. Currently, one particular model that is really popular is the four armed wall mounted unit in either oak with a dark finish, or cherry wood. One reason why this model is popular, aside from its uniquely contemporary look, is the fact it serves an important functionality as well. As the arms are maneuverable allowing the owner to easily rest and separate wet or damp towels from dry towels.


Kitchen towel holders come in a variety of materials. The cheaper models obviously manufactured out of a simple plastic, typically white or black. While some of the high end models consist of stainless steel or a heavy wood material.


Depending on the type of material you require for the theme of your kitchen, there are a variety of styles unique to these materials. As mentioned above, the four armed wall mounted model is very popular right now. However, another extremely popular model is a 3 fixed arm unit that is installed on rollers, giving it the capability to slide in and out of an opening. Not only does this model look sleek, but it gives the owner the opportunity to hide the unit as they see fit.

In all, kitchen towel holders provide a cheap and easy way to jump start the style of your kitchen. Unfortunately, these accessories are overshadowed by the more important appliances and cabinetry; however, they provide an important functionality, as well as a variety of choices to pertain to any and all styles.

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