Kitchen Renovation Wall Spruce Up

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t just mean replacing or upgrading your cabinets, counter tops, sinks, and drawers. Have you ever just considered redoing your walls in the kitchen.

Changing the way that your walls look in your breakfast area and your kitchen can greatly change the feel of the room. If you feel that painting is not enough it’s still too plain, then you might consider putting and wainscoting, or some paneling.

Just by adding some paneling to the existing walls give it a much more busy look. Furthermore, this paneling now can be your protection against chair marks on the wall. Also if the walls are in bad condition this paneling might conceal the defects.

You can buy 48 inch tongue and groove paneling with baseboard and chair rail as kits. This is the right height for the wall protection in busy areas like the breakfast area in your kitchen where in the morning you might not be careful about your chair hitting the wall.

This also allows you to choose colors that will be highlighted on this trim work. This is a better solution than wallpaper, of course though it’s a lot more expensive to under normal conditions.

Installing this paneling requires just only a few tools, a tape measure, a level, and light tapping hammer, a normal hammer, a table saw, and some nails all you have to consider here is how high you want your paneling to be from the floor. Then you just cut the individual boards to the correct length not forgetting the additional height added to the total length of the paneling with the chair rail and baseboard added to it’s total height.

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