Kitchen Designs: Chic And Functionality In One

As a homeowner we often look for kitchen designs that are not only chic in terms of looks but should also be functional and one that is easy to work in. Who wouldn’t want a kitchen that provides a good combination of style, elegance and comfort?

There are so many ways that one can have a kitchen built to their specific specifications and purposes. One of the best and attractive kitchen designs is the smart selection of kitchen sink and its platform. There are various patterns of under mount stainless kitchen sinks which are commonly called as recessed sinks. Such are fitted below the countertop where the rim is hidden hence, the name.

These types of kitchen sinks are made up of different materials such as stainless steel, copper or granite. Amongst them, stainless steel sinks are the most favorite and popular choice because they are easy to maintain and the shiny surface of the stainless steel kitchen sink looks hygienic and elegant.

There are 2 types of under mount stainless steel kitchen sinks; single sink and double sinks. Both are available in different shapes like rectangular, oval, elliptical, asymmetrical straight, curve and square. Though there are a wide range of options, one can always have a custom made stainless steel kitchen sink if you want a combination of the shapes to best fit your purpose.

The installation process of these undermount stainless steel kitchen sinks entails sealing between the sink and the counter which is usually done under the counter. This can be a DIY job as it is very easy to install even without professional help.

Here are some simple installation guide;

  • Look for a suitable opening on the upper side of the counter.
  • Turn the sink upside down along or on top of the kitchen countertop to determine its edges.
  • Make hole in the sink according to the measurement of your kitchen sink
  • Then attach the faucets to the sink
  • After the fitting is done, check out and ensure that there is no leakage
  • You can also put up additional accessories such as drain strainers and drain grates.

Aside from its easy installation method, elegant, hygienic and attractive designs, there are still a lot of advantages from choosing the undermount stainless steel kitchen sinks. Most types of kitchen designs will benefit with the quality and durability of these stainless steel sinks. They also provide ample space quite large enough to accommodate large pots and pans and utensils for washing thus a homemaker is able to utilize and maximize workspace effectively. It is also very easy to clean after every use as food debris can be collected with the drain strainers thus, no more worrying for clogged pipes or foodstuffs trapped on the rim. Just wash it with soap and water regularly to maintain its cleanliness. There are no unpleasant sights of drain pipes, too as the plumbing is hidden below and inside of the cabinet under the sink. Indeed a functional and a very easy to maintain add on to your kitchen.

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