How To Make Money In A Home Based Candle Sales Business

There’s a reason the candle business is booming. Everywhere you go there are candles and even schools have candles as fundraisers. Why? Because people love candles.

As for gift giving ideas, candles make great gifts during the holidays, birthdays, or for personal use. The low price on most candles make it an affordable gift giving option. Depending on the brand, you can buy a quality candle for $20 or less just about anywhere.

If you’re looking to start a home based candle business, there are many ways to make money:

#1 You can make candles yourself and sell them on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, craft shows, or at your local farmer’s market. Google do-it-yourself candles and you’ll see home kits to get started.

#2 You can be an affiliate marketer for a candle company or sign up with one of the dropshipping businesses if you don’t want the hassle of making candles and stocking inventory.

#3 You can buy candles wholesale and put your private label and sell them at farmer’s market, online, craft shows, etc.

#4 You can also join one of the hundreds of candle opportunities in the direct selling industry.

Here’s a partial list of direct sales home based candle business opportunities:


Gold Canyon

Mia Bella Scentsations



Can you make money selling candles?

If you’re making candles yourself and selling them at craft shows or farmer’s market – you’ll need to sell a high volume to turn a profit.

For example: weigh the costs as a vendor, the raw ingredients of making the candles, and how much time goes into making candles.

If you join one of the direct sales opportunities, you can make money from your personal sales as well as from your team sales. You’ll also have some added perks such as not having to make the candles yourself and you can sell from your company replicated website onlline.

As for how much you can make, that’s up to your financial goals. If you truly love making candles and nuts about candles, the hobby of being a candle maker might be your financial reward. I have a friend that loves making candles for herself, as gifts, and sell some on Etsy. She’s perfectly happy doing this. Again, it depends on your financial goals.

But if your financial goal is to make a substantial income, you might want to consider how realistic it is to make money because candles are low-end items which means you’ll need to sell a high volume before you’ll see a huge income.

If you join a direct sales company, you have an opportunity to earn additional commission from leveraging a team of candle consultants.

With the internet and cheap technology, there are many ways to start a home based business today.

Whether you choose to start a home based candle business or something else – do a thorough research before you start. If it’s a business, make sure you can reasonably make money, after you’ve considered your expenses and the time it takes to operate your business.

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