How to Decorate Your Child’s Room With the Camouflage Theme

The camouflage theme is stylish and super cool. It is gaining in popularity day by day. It is a perfect theme for the active, young children who enjoy doing open-air activities. If your child is a real military fan, then it is a great idea to decorate his/her bedroom with a complete camouflage style. You have a broad selection of colors and designs that can work for both boys and girls. Whether you prefer the very conventional models or the fashionable designs, you will find plenty of options.

Once you decide to decorate your child’s room with the military-inspired theme, you need to consider everything including bed, walls, windows and floor, and also some accessories if required. Of course, you can take into account some camouflage items such as pants, shoes and jackets.


When it comes to the point of decorating any bedroom, the bed comforter is the most important item that you should focus on. The bed is the focal point of the room. There are numerous styles, models and colors. For boys, choose black, blue or green bedding. For girls, pink and red bedding will be perfect.

Walls and Windows

For walls, creams and whites are the most suitable shades. They have great effects on the entire theme. And they can go along with all the military styles. Alternatively, there are various wallpaper patterns and designs that are great for the army theme. For windows, dark green paint is the best. And for curtains, choose the design that can enhance the camouflage style.

Military Relevant Accessories

Add a special touch to your baby’s room and beautify the walls with the military relevant accessories like posters, pictures, figurines and medals. Adding cool, customized accessories to the walls will make your little one’s room more beautiful. Accessories can enhance the atmosphere and boost the feelings.

Needless to mention, spreading a carpet that matches the camouflage design will add a lot to the theme.

Closing Words

The love of the camouflage theme encourages numerous manufacturers to develop various camouflage items such as bedding sets, wallpaper patterns, curtains, pants, shoes, jackets, accessories and etc. So, it is an easy task to create a complete camouflage theme for your child`s bedroom. Absolutely, dark colors are great for boys while light colors are perfect for girls. To have a complete camouflage interior design, make sure that every item is in line with the military theme.

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