How to Build a Small Patio Garden

In these times of economic recession and high unemployment, many people are looking for ways to save money. One option they may be looking at is to plant and grow a home garden, but if they live in an apartment or a townhouse or even a house with a small yard, they should consider learning how to build a small patio garden.. A small garden can be created using small containers, flower pots, baskets, cinder blocks, window boxes, and even raised beds. A variety of vegetables (regular as well as miniature) and herbs can be used to create not only a useful space, but also an aesthetically pleasing area.

One thing important to the success of a small patio garden is the planting medium that is selected. A visit to your local nursery or and garden center will be worth your time and effort. Not only can they recommend a good planting medium, but they can also help you select vegetable and herb plants (or seeds) that will be able to grow in your local climate and environment.

A small patio garden can not only be beneficial to the pocketbook, but can also be a fun and educational project for the whole family. Small children might be more prone to eat their vegetables if they participated in the growing of those vegetables. AND the taste of home-grown vegetables compared to canned vegetables or “fresh” vegetables purchased at the local grocery store cannot be compared–home grown tastes SO MUCH BETTER!

So, what are you waiting for? Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. Get your family together and make plans for your garden!!

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