Great Prom Ideas For 2011

The prom is a rite of passage for every high school student. Attendees cannot wait to show off their elegant formal wear and the school is always abuzz with which hot new couples will be attending. One of the most fun ways to get involved with a prom is to help determine the theme. The class throwing the event puts a lot of time and effort into creating an unrivaled theme.

Everyone feels like a superstar when attending the prom, making a Hollywood theme very appropriate. Attendees walk through ground-level spotlights on the red carpet, while observers comment on their outfits and snap photos. The evening can even follow the agenda of a Hollywood awards show, featuring presentations for categories like best dressed and most passionate kiss. Prizes can be presented onstage to winners who can then make acceptance speeches.

High schoolers are too young to legally gamble but that does not prevent them from selecting a casino theme. This turns the prom into an event, allowing everyone to play some table games or slots. Event companies rent the tables and machines needed to make this night a huge success. Between the gaming, eating, and dancing, everyone will have so much fun that they will want to repeat this theme.

An air of intrigue is fun, so consider a masquerade ball theme. Girls can still dress up in their favorite prom gowns but they and the guys will need to add decorative masks to their attire. Masks range from the basic to the ornate and come in hundreds of color and style combinations. Selecting the mask becomes as much fun as choosing the dress or tuxedo. Attendees will spend all night trying to figure out others’ identities and a guessing contest makes things even more fun.

Designing a theme around a city or a place such as the ocean or a garden is another popular option. When a city is the selected theme, everyone can dress in appropriate attire. Girls can wear flowered dresses for a garden themed prom or blue or green to correspond with an ocean theme. Elaborate decorations made by the planning committee will transform the room into another land.

Other great theme ideas include songs, movies, books, and plays. Give some careful thought to the prom theme because it is something everyone will always remember. When the perfect theme is found, be creative with the decorating, food choices, and favors. Go as elaborate as the budget commits, as this should cause tickets to sell out well in advance.

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