Eclectic Kitchen Wall Decorating Ideas Let Your Sense of Style Shine

Most people really don’t stick to a centralized theme when decorating the kitchen; often, you find those items that you simply love placed here and there with no rhyme or reason. One item may be traditional, while another is modern or country-themed. Today, decorating in an eclectic style is completely acceptable, even recommended, if you do it right. Below you will find many tips and ideas for incorporating several home decorating themes in to one kitchen that looks amazing.

Metal wall art helps create a focal point for the kitchen

Every room needs a focal point; this is a specific area of the room where the eye is immediately drawn when someone enters the room. For the kitchen, metal wall art can make an amazing focal point. Flowers, butterflies, musical notes, trees and abstract designs are just a few of the hundreds of choices you will find in metal wall art.

If you have one large wall, consider hanging a very large metal wall art piece surrounded by smaller accents in the same or similar design.

Candle wall sconces and wall planters add further interest

Wall planters look spectacular when placed around windows and doors and they can be filled with ivy, silk flowers, hanging vines, daisies or any other plant of your choosing. If you have several windows place wall planters on both sides of each casement for a look that is totally charming.

Wall mounted candle sconces can be placed with your metal wall art, on both sides of a large clock or print, or anywhere else you decide they add to the d├ęcor of the room. Use candles scented in those aromas you would usually find in a kitchen, such as spice, vanilla, and pumpkin to create a warm atmosphere.

A touch of wrought iron adds elegance

Love the almost romantic appeal of an arched door way? You can accomplish many things with wrought iron. If your door is a common rectangle shape, consider hanging a half-moon shaped wrought iron accent directly above the door to give the appearance of an arched doorway. You might also decide that you like the idea of wrought iron wall sconces, or perhaps a pot rack hanging over the island displaying your best cookware.

An eclectic look makes it much easier for you to shop for and decorate your kitchen, because you can mix and match those accents and accessories that really stand out for you, without feeling that you must stick to one theme. This allows you to give your kitchen a special personalized, comfortable appeal that just makes it feel like home.

When it comes to your kitchen, consider this rule: There are no rules! If you love tin signs, wooden baskets, metal wall art and wrought iron, use every one of them to your heart’s content. Not only will you love relaxing over a cup of tea at the kitchen table, your guests will be amazed at your unique sense of style.

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