Bridal Shower Games: A Prelude to Marriage!

Bridal showers can have themes, such as kitchen themes, where not only is a kitchen item given, a recipe is given along with it. In a situation where kitchen items are not needed, a recipe AND the ingredients needed for the dish are a perfect gift.

Another potential bridal shower theme is a lingerie party. These showers provide the perfect atmosphere for laughter and often raucous fun! You can spice this up or make it light hearted and fun. A bridal shower should be a fun time, so make this a fun part of the shower. Giving her gifts that will be well enjoyed later will be much appreciated by the bride and the groom, of course! It doesn’t have to be distasteful, either!

One particularly fun bridal shower game is the “Bag game” where everyone is given a paper bag to put on their heads. Music is played, and when it stops, each person is required to remove something they are wearing that they don’t really need. The game gets funnier and funnier, until everyone finally realizes that the article they really don’t need is the bag on their head!

Wedding dress games are often very entertaining! Have several rolls of white toilet paper, and divide the guests into two or more groups of three to five people. Each group then chooses a model (mother of the bride and/or groom work wonderfully) and instruct each team to design and fashion a “wedding dress” out of toilet paper. Accessories are allowed (earrings, bouquets, trains, headpieces, wedding ring, etc.), but they all have to be constructed from toilet paper. Once the groups are finished, the bride gets to judge and choose the winner of the contest. Just don’t forget the camera, because the photos will be tremendous fun!

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