Black Leather Counter Stools – How To Pick The Right Type

Black leather counter stools are a wonderful addition to any kitchen, dining room, game room or even to a retail space such as diamond jewelery store. The magic that the black leather elegance exudes is captivating. The added height of the chair makes it seem less accessible and this adds to the magic as well.

While you can hardly go wrong when selecting a black leather counter stool on the market, there are several categories of counter stools or bar stools that you can pick from (while loosely defined, the difference between a bar stool and counter stool is the height, usually the bar stool is about 6 in higher, typically with the sitting area around 30 inches from the ground). The correct choice of category will help match your stool to the decor of your dining room or game room and will simply make the chair a better fit into the environment. The categories we will investigate here are: Contemporary Counter Stools, Retro Counter Stools and Wood Counter Stools.

Contemporary Counter Stools

Contemporary black leather stools usually come in chrome finish, or in black colored metal finish. As such, they match just about any decor in the kitchen or game room. However they are best suited for stainless steel kitchens where they accentuate the metallic theme. Don’t be surprised to find contemporary counter bar stools come in a great variety of shapes and forms. From a “Vertical Wave” form where the footrest, the seat, and the back rest are folded into a single wave form, to a great variety of shapes connecting the seat with the foot rest. Regardless of the shape, consider a contemporary black leather stool to add the sophistication and glitz to your house.

Wood Bar Stools

Wood is a material that will result in softer appearance as compared with the chrome or metal finish. As such, a wooden stool or a kitchen counter stool will fit best in warm colored kitchens, such as orange, dark red, or even yellows. Furthermore, a black seating and back rest leather finish will contrast the warm colors greatly. Wooden stools are durable, and the leather is one of the most durable materials you can think of for seat padding, back rest, and, when the stool has it, arm rest.

Retro Bar Stools

Retro Bar Stools can often be somewhere in the middle between the elegant or contemporary or sharp and the wooden or softer feeling stools. They are often made of steel with chrome finish, and often accentuate the spirit of an era gone by, such as the 50’s. They will resemble the stools found in the old-time diners, where a person would sit at the oval bar, and be served by a waiter or waitress operating in the center of the oval. Often retro bar counter stool seats will be stitched the emblems of the sports teams and sold in support of various basketball, football, or baseball teams. Such retro stools make a great addition to any game room and are great for kitchens and dinettes as well for people always on the run. Besides black leather and black faux leather, retro stools come in other colors, typically red. They would rarely come as swivel stools.

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