5 Ways to Fight ‘Overwhelm’ When You’re Planning A Bathroom Remodeling Project

Undertaking a bathroom remodeling project means one thing — you’ll need to steel your nerves in a way you didn’t think possible. OK, perhaps hyperbole has gotten the best of us, but there is something to be said about the overwhelming wave of frustration, anger, and helplessness that homeowners feel when they decide to remodel one, if not all, of their bathrooms.

Rather than get completely flummoxed, take heart as the following five bits of advice may prove to be essential in retaining your sanity during your next bathroom remodeling project:

1. Set a Budget – This is priority number one for any homeowner proceeding with any remodeling project in their home. You need to know how much money you 1) want to spend, 2) need to spend, and 3) can’t afford to spend. Understanding where you stand financially will allow you to make better decisions regarding the items that are actually needed in the remodel.

2. Understand that a Bathroom Remodel Takes Time – Too many people assume that a remodeling project of any kind, especially that of a bathroom, can be done in a weekend. While there are some elements of truth to that, this distorted sense of time may be linked to the DIY shows on TV that show the ‘ease’ of taking on a remodeling project in your home. Depending on how much you’re changing, as well as any lead times for custom-ordered materials, you may be in this remodel for the long haul.

3. Be Aware that There Will Be Hidden ‘Problems’ – Even is you decide that hiring a professional is the best way to handle the project, your home may just decide to throw you a curveball when it comes to unplanned changes. You need to factor in the age of your home as a prime example. You may find structural issues in the floor, plumbing that isn’t properly vented, and corroded plumbing.

4. It’s About What You Need As Opposed to What You Want – Remodeling projects have their start when you decide you want something different. This can be tricky because you may be making your decision based on aesthetics as opposed to function. Yes, your new bathroom should try to have pieces that cause you to smile, but you need to consider who will use the bathroom and how. Even though you’re making your house your home, it’s not a bad idea to think about how well the new project will impact the resale value of your home. In that sense, a nice, functional bathroom may be the clear winner over nouveau bathroom chic.

5. Having a Pro Handy is Good, but Choose Wisely – Remodeling your bathroom involves electrical, tiling, & plumbing work, skills you may not have. A contractor can save yourself a load of misery & time, but check out your prospective contractor’s background & references to be sure you don’t walk into a construction disaster that costs time & money.

A bathroom remodeling project can be a true test of intestinal fortitude for a homeowner. But with the right tools, the right know-how, and the tips above, you’ll be better able to handle the rollercoaster that comes with making any major change in your home.

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